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    At VitalLabs, we help reduce the total cost of ownership of your storage investment, and increase its value.
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  • Plug and Play Solutions

    We achieve this by integrating your storage with multiple ecosystems that build synergies! (Everything from Vmware, Microsoft Hyper-V to Openstack and Docker)

Application Aware Storage

Application-aware storage allows storage managers to better utilize storage disks for low-priority applications, while still getting the best possible performance, capacity, and reliability for mission critical applications. Application awareness can be particularly useful for boosting performance in storage-intensive tasks such as archiving, backups, disaster recovery, replication, data modeling, and index/search.

App Aware Storage
Ecosystem Integration

Ecosystem Integration

We build products and tools to integrate your storage array with leading enterprise applications like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Hyper-V, SAP, Virtual Infrastructure, et al. These Products help you to reap the benefits of taking application-level consistent snapshots, makes provisioning and creating clones easier and faster without putting pressure on performance.

Control Plane for Storage

The Control Plane is a software layer that manages data stored across one or more storage pools that are implemented by storage systems and/or server-side storage. The Control Plane manages data provisioning and may orchestrate data services across these storage pools but does not access the data directly for read and write operations and does not implement the native data services.

Control Plane for Storage

Our Expertise with Storage Ecosystem Integrations



VMware integration


MS integration


Cloud Orchestrator






Our Products for Storage Management

VitalEdge vCenter Plug-in

VitalEdge vCenter Plug-in for VMware is the Centralized Management Console for Storage Management for the complex virtualized VMware environment. VitalEdge provides the deep integration with your storage system and ESXi through the vCenter.

VitalEdge SCVMM Add-in

VitalEdge Storage Center for HyperV is the Centralized management console for your storage host / Controller for the complex virtualized HyperV environment. VitalEdge provides the deep integration with your storage array and HyperV through the SCVMM.


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“The vSphere storage management plug-in for NexentaStor will allow our global client base to manage, provision, take snapshots, restore, clone and monitor our customers Software-Defined Storage solution seamlessly from vCenter web console itself.”

Michael Letschin
Michael Letschin, Field Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Nexenta

“I have been a repeat customer for Vital Labs for building multiple features and enhancements to integrate CloudByte ElastiStor with virtualization platforms and application ecosystem. Vital Labs turned out to be an ideal partner for our early stage product development. Highly recommended!”

Umasankar Mukkara (Uma)
Umasankar Mukkara (Uma), Co-Founder and CEO, CloudByte


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