Developing VMware V-Center Plugin

For enterprises / end users, resellers, partners and integrators,VMware integration with the Storage array is one of the important factors while making the storage buying decisions.

VCenter plug-in removes the need to switch between traditional array specific management UI and VCENTER to manage the datastores.Vital Labs created a completely reusable framework and software components for quickly developing vCenter plug-ins for various storage arrays. Our components are well tested and readily usable and will reduce the development and test time significantly.

Developing Application Consistent Backup and Recovery Tool

Microsoft SQL Server with nearly 15% market share is one of the widely deployed relational database systems.

Vital Labs team has developed application consistent backup and recovery tools for Microsoft applications such as SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint. This case study focuses on backup & Recovery product for SQL Server.

The customer for this product was a mid size Storage vendor, based in the bay area, USA. The end users are several enterprises and managed services providers who are actively using these products developed by us.

Developing VAAI – vStorage APIs for Array Integration Plugin

VAAI APIs essentially take advantage of storage array features to offload, speed up or improve common VMware vSphere operations. VAAI remove bottlenecks, and offload tasks that are “expensive” data operations to storage arrays thus improving performance, scale, and efficiency.

VAAI plug-in for NFS supports four main functions (full cloning, lazy cloning, extended statistics, and space reservation) and also include functionality covering concurrent cloning, cross volume cloning, and support for proper cloning timeouts etc.

Vital Labs team developed NAS VAAI Plug-in and owned the responsibility to complete the VAAI NFS certification suite tests and pass the VMware ESX 5.1 certification. We also completed VMware View 5.2 certification suite tests with the VAAI NFS plug-in integration and passed the VMware certification.