What is Virtualization???

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Before we tend to get into Virtualization, let me brief you regarding Vmware providing. There are 2 types of Virtualizations

  • Hosted Virtualization
  • Datacenter / Bare-Metal Virtualization

Hosted Virtualization: Here you’re running Virtual Machines on prime of standard software system, like Windows vista, Windows seven / eight etc. So, a software system is put in on traditional software system and with facilitate of that software, VMs will be created and most of the merchandise options can be experienced. Vmware comprises a product well-known as “Vmware workstation 10″ for Windows and Fusion vi for mac Desktops. This is often however workstation appearance with some Virtual Machines on that, and terribly straightforward and really helpful for research lab and Demo purpose.
Work StationDatacenter / Bare-Metal Virtualization: you’ll be able to say it’s the Hypervisor layer or operating system that is directly put in on the physical server and runs the Virtual Machines directly on top of it. Even physical machines will be converted to Virtual Machines with the assistance of software (like Vmware Converter) and run on this hypervisor. These VMs are same as Physical Machines however with a lot of capabilities and a lot of flexibilities. Several devices like hard drive, CD/DVD, Floppy devices will be other on fly. Also, Memory and central processing unit will be hot-added by empowering that feature.

Now, let’s perceive what specifically Virtualization is:

It’s an abstraction layer that masks the physical resources of hardware equipment to produce a system with resources that dissent from what they really are

Normally once you install any operating system (like Server 2008 R2) on a physical server, all the physical resources are restricted to a similar operating system and it’s not absolutely utilized, you’ll be able to invariably see there’s heap of idle resource like central processing unit 12 percent utilized, however remaining of 88 percent central processing unit is idle. in fact this is able to be used throughout spike however the spikes happen for restricted time.

When you install Vmware ESXi (Hypervisor from Vmware), it masks the physical resources (cpu, memory) and provides new level of independence, wherever the resources will be distributed to multiple Virtual Machines. Below image shows you the distinction between ancient server and a Virtualized server. All the Virtual Machines are becoming the central processing unit, RAM, Network from the physical server and that they area unit Virtual central processing unit (vCPU), Virtual RAM and Virtual Nic.


  • Single physical server runs several Virtual Machines.
  • Each Virtual Machine has its own applications running.
  • Any operating system will put in in a very Virtual Machine.
  • Virtual Machines will of various sizes, i.e., completely different configurations.

Server Consolidation is that the major reason why firms Virtualize their environment. Multiple Servers will run as Virtual Machines on one larger physical server when installing Vmware ESXi on that.

For more information on Virtualization basic you can visit: http://vmw.re/1JCT3NG

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