VitalEdge vCenter Plug-in for Storage Management

A Centralised Management Console

What is VitalEdge vCenter Plug-in for VMware ?

VitalEdge vCenter Plug-in for VMware is the Centralized Management Console for Storage Management for the complex virtualized VMware environment. VitalEdge provides the deep integration with your storage system and ESXi through the vCenter.

vCenter Plugin Key-Features

Datastore Provisioning

VMware Administrator can provision NAS or SAN storage volume using VitalEdge vCenter Plug-in for VMware at the storage side and seamlessly attach as datastore to one or more ESXi, it is supporting to set generic and array related configurations like Disk size, Block Size IOs, Throughput, Latency etc.

Storage Performance and Health Monitoring

VMware Administrator can monitor the volume health and performance right from the vCenter web client, Admins can monitor storage volume related parameters like Disk read write IOPS, throughput, latency, etc.

Storage Summary

VMware Administrator can see the summary of the storage volume like Volume name in Storage array, Volume disk used and available size, Creation date and access time, number of VMs available on the datastore, storage details of snapshots and children etc. directly in vCenter web client summary portlets.

Snapshot Management

VitalEdge vCenter Web Client Plug-in provides the capability for the Administrators to create the snapshot of the storage volume in the storage controller, VMware Admin can create one time snapshot or can schedule to take once in a minute / hour / day / month. Administrators are allowed to start / stop the schedule any time.

Recover and Clone from Snapshot

VMware Administrator can restore the data in a datastore to the state captured at the moment of a snapshot creation. Admin can recover the lost data with single click from vCenter Web Client Plug-in by using revert snapshot. VMware Administrator can clone a datastore from a snapshot and attach to single / multiple ESX. Admin can clone the Snapshot from VitalEdge vCenter web client in one call.

VMware Virtual Center

VitalEdge vCenter Plug-in for VMware provides the deep integration with your storage array and VMware vCenter and ESX using vCenter APIs.

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Vital Labs is Expert in developing innovative storage software provider which develops storage management, automation, backup\recovery tools and eco-system integration tools for enterprise storage such as vCenter plug-ins, SCVMM Add-ins, SCOM Management Pack, MS(SQL,Exchange) application consistent backup tools, SNMP agent, VASA providers, etc . Our mission is to make enterprise storage cloud ready.

Case Studies

Developing Application Consistent Backup & Recovery Tool

Vital Labs team has developed application consistent backup and recovery tools for Microsoft applications such as SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint. This case study focuses on backup & Recovery product for SQL Server.

Developing VMware vCenter Plug-in

Vital Labs created a completely reusable framework and software components for quickly developing vCenter plug-ins for various storage arrays.

Developing VAAI - vStorage APIs for Array Integration Plug-in

Vital Labs team developed NAS VAAI Plug-in and owned the responsibility to complete the VAAI NFS certification suite tests and pass the VMware ESX 5.1 certification. We also completed VMware View 5.2 certification suite tests with the VAAI NFS plug-in integration and passed the VMware certification.