What is vCO ?

VMware Orchestrator is a vCenter feature that helps automate VMware vCloud Suite, vSphere and other virtualization management system processes like recover from a disaster, migrate VMs or pool of VM, create new virtual machines, resource pools, etc...



Pre-defined library

Comes with a library of pre-defined workflows as well as a drag-and-drop tool for linking actions together to produce customized workflows to meet specific business needs.

Workflow engine

Orchestrator’s workflow engine can be used to automate bulk operations and create workflow processes for integrating existing third-party tools.

Custom scripts

Permits the use of custom scripts for more advanced workflow and application program interface (API) design

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How Vital Labs can help?

Vital Labs can help in requirement analysis, feasibility study, design, implement, testing and vmware certification.

How it works?

VMware Orchestrator automation and plug-ins make some parts of an admin’s job easier. Automation, coupled with PowerCLI scripting and powerful plug-ins, makes Orchestrator a tool for Admins

vCenter Orchestrator