What is vCenter Plugin?

vCenter plugins extend the capabilities of vCenter Servers by providing more features and functionality.

vCenter Plugin


Storage Volume Provision

Provision of end-to-end storage volume (SAN / NAS) and attach as a datastore on a host or a cluster

Backup and Recovery

Take Backup for Datastores and/or VMs and recover them from the desired restore point.

Clone Datastore to a Host

Rapidly Clone VM or Datastore to a host or a cluster (using the Storage Hardware provider support)

Monitor capacity utilization

Monitor the datastore usage and performance metrics like IOPS, Throughput and Latency

Monitor VMs

Manage CHAP on a Host

Manage CHAP on a host or a cluster with ease

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How Vital Labs can Help?

Vital Labs bridge the gap between VMware and storage capabilities by creating a vCenter Plugin that helps storage admins to manage and monitor their VMware infrastructure components deployed on their storage solutions. In response to the challenge of administrating the complex virtualization environment, Vital Labs is exploring the multi-layered and multi-hypervisor approach to reduce the workload of the datacenter administrators.

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, our plugin also supports Role Based Access, which restricts unauthorized users from performing tasks which are not defined under their roles.

VitalEdge Storage Center for vCenter

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