What is VAAI ?

vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) is an application program interface (API) framework from VMware that take advantage of storage array features to offload, speed up or improve common vSphere operations. VAAI remove bottlenecks, and offload tasks that are “expensive” data operations to storage arrays thus improving performance, scale, and efficiency.



Hardware assistance

Helps Storage Vendors provide hardware assistance to speed up VMware I/O operations

Offload Operations

Offload compute intensive operations such as Vmotion, Cloning to Storage

Helps Unclog Network

Helps unclog your network, esxi

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How Vital Labs can help?

  • Vital Labs has created VAAI plug-in for NFS which supports four main functions:
    – Full Cloning
    – Lazy Cloning
    – Extended Statistics &
    – Space Reservation.
  • In addition to all the above features, it also includes functionality covering concurrent cloning, cross volume cloning, and support for proper cloning timeouts, etc.
  • Our team owned the responsibility to complete the VAAI NFS certification suite tests and pass the VMware ESX 5.1 certification. We also completed VMware View 5.2 certification suite tests with the VAAI NFS plug-in integration and passed the VMware certification.

You can download our Case Study on VAAI

VMware and Storage Integration: VAAI – vStorage APIs for Array Integration.

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