What is SRA ?

A Storage Replication Adapters (SRA) allows VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to integrate with 3rd party storage array technology. Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) is a plug-in that an array vendor provides that enables Site Recovery Manager to work with a specific kind of array.



Site Recovery Manager

Site Recovery Manager uses Storage Replication Adapter to discover arrays and replicated / exported datastores


To failover or test failover of datastores.

Supports storage types

Supports storage types like iSCSI, FC and NFS

Application consistent

Application consistent replication is ensured

Synchronous Replication

Helps reducing RPO for Large and/or Business critical environments using Synchronous Replication.

Automated reprotection

Provides automated reprotection

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How it works?

  • Both Primary Site and Recovery Site should use same Arrays, same provisioning, same LUNs, and same VM to VMFS mappings.
  • Admin should configure replication properties per group of physical LUNs.
  • Most arrays use schedules to set Replication times.

How Vital Labs can help?

Vital Labs can help in requirement analysis, feasibility study, design, implement, testing and vmware certification.