Solution from VitalEdge for Storage Provisioning Challenges in Software Defined Datacenter

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Admins are in the intent to get right resources at the right time, there are some limitations to provide the right resource at the expected time, manual storage provisioning processincludes more steps which will lead to some days to weeks (in the worst case) to provision storage in large organizations.

Manual Storage Provisioning Process-2

Manual Storage Provisioning Process

Datastore provisioning steps includes, submit the storage request to the Admin, analyze the request and find the available storage in each storage system console (if there is no centralized management console), chooses the right controller, create volume, set quota, set provisioning type, set QoS parameters, assign LUN, add to target or map with initiator and configure in vSphere, create datastore, format with file system in case of SAN and notify the requester.

Multiple Provisioning Step-1

Steps Involved in Storage Provisioning

In addition to the provisioning steps, software defined storage have complex management abstractions of vendor data services, choosing the right service and configure according to requirement is again a complex task, services like deduplication, compression, snapshot schedules and replication factor according to the application usage.

With these complex abstractions and provisioning steps it is hard for the Admins to provide the right resources at the right time.

Is the solution yet to be determined?

No, Vital Labs have the solution, datastore provisioning in few clicks using VitalEdge;  with the VitalEdge plugin installed on your datacenter we can deliver full lifecycle of the datastore right from our vSphere web client.

Instead of raising new datastore requests and answering multiple questions and configuring your volume, snapshot replication individually and provision your storage now we can provision SAN / NAS volumes right from your vSphere web client using our plugin and manage the snapshot and replication policies for the Storage volumes.

Vital Labs VitalEdge supports

  • Both NAS and SAN Provisioning.
  • Supports multiple Storage System Hosts.
  • User Specific Datastore and Volume Name.
  • We can see all the pools and disk usage properties of pools of the selected host.
  • We have the option to set quota, Compression, Deduplication and other storage specific parameters.
  • We can schedule the snapshots and retention policy during time of storage provisioning.

Road Map:

  • Configure the replication policy.
  • Policy-based provisioning.
  • Policy management.

Simple: UI and steps are simple

Customizable: The UI screen, Input items and the steps are customizable according to the Storage Array

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