What is SCVMM Add-in?

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) is Microsoft's virtual machine support center for Windows-based systems. Add-ins allow 3rd party providers to add additional functionality to the SCVMM console, such as the ability to manage vendor-specific hardware using their management tools.

SCVMM Add-in


Extending UI Features

Extend the features of SCVMM Console by adding UI for managing 3rd party Storage Arrays without having to switch between Storage provider’s UI console and SCVMM console.

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How Vital Labs can help?

Vital Labs has created an Add-in, called VitalEdge which helps storage admins to manage and monitor VMM infrastructure components deployed on their storage solutions.

Using this Add-in, admin can perform:

  • Volume Provisioning
  • Storage Performance and Health Monitoring
  • Volume Details
  • Create Snapshot
  • Cloning / Recover from Snapshot

How it works?

  • Storage Array providers can create Add-ins using the technologies supported by SCVMM Console.
  • Admins who are using the storage arrays can install the add-in and let the SCVMM to interact with storage array via Add-in.
VitalEdge Storage Center for Hyper-V