What is Puppet?

Puppet is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing the infrastructure – no matter where it runs.




Helps in knowing what exactly is going on with all the software and it gives the automation that is needed to drive the change.

Faster Delivery

Helps in delivering more software faster than ever, without compromising quality, security, and compliance.

Easy launch

Easily launch and install Docker containers and manage them as easily and efficiently like any other Puppet resource.


Ensure trouble-free app deployments by testing any configuration changes before runtime.

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How Vital Labs can help?

Vital Labs can help in requirement analysis, feasibility study, design, implement and testing.

How it works?

  • Puppet, greatly reduce the complexity associated with managing mixed environments.
  • No matter what is the operating system or deployment model — physical, virtual or cloud — Puppet and Docker make it easy for consistently reproducing the entire application environment.
  • Install, configure & manage Docker
    -Puppet’s Docker module allows us to install, configure and manage Docker, as well as its host and the services running on that host. The module can also manage Docker images and containers.
  • Deliver application services regardless of artifact type
    -Puppet Application Orchestration allows us to model the relationships between application services.
  • Relationships can be modeled between any mix of containers, microservices, persistent infrastructure, monoliths, devices, or whatever else makes up your application’s architecture.