What is Manila?

OpenStack providers a Shared File System Service called Manila, which is an open API to manage shares in a vendor agnostic framework. Manila provides the management of file shares for example, NFS and CIFS as a core service to OpenStack.



Helps to create, delete, and give/deny access to a share.

It can be used standalone or in a variety of different network environments.

Manila has a share server assigned to every tenant. This is the solution for all back-ends except for GlusterFS.

The customer in this scenario is prompted to create a share server using neutron net-id and subnet-id before even trying to create a share.

The current low-level services available in manila are:


Service that provides a stable RESTful API. The service authenticates and routes requests throughout the Shared Filesystem service. There is python-manila client to interact with the API.


Responsible for scheduling/routing requests to the appropriate manila-share service. It does that by picking one back-end while filtering all except one back-end.


Responsible for managing Shared File Service devices, specifically the back-end devices.

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How it works?

  • Manila, depending on the driver, requires the user by default to create a share network using neutron-net-id and neutron-subnet-id (GlusterFS native driver does not require it).
  • After creation of the share network, the user can proceed to create the shares.