Best practices of Data Storage Provisioning

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Best practices for data storage provisioning begin with the requirement for the numerous stakeholders to speak and coordinate that the method are effective. The team approach will facilitate with the institution of policies and rules, moreover as tool choice.

Here’s a list of best practices to follow once provisioning data storage:

  1. Standardize, wherever potential, particularly in environments with many categories of storage.
  1. Establish service-level agreements (SLAs) in conjunction with IT leaders accountable for buying selections. SLAs will facilitate to confirm that the storage team provisions the proper storage for every application.
  1. Remember data storage security. Even easy tasks like dynamical the default passwords on the array’s part managers and also the storage resource management (SRM) tools can improve security within the storage atmosphere.
  1. Use the newest versions of storage provisioning tools. Typically the foremost up-to-date tools square measure on the market without charge with maintenance contracts, and also the newer versions tend to own higher interfaces, wizards and bigger automation capabilities.
  1. Provision an oversized chunk of storage for the virtualized server atmosphere. VMware Inc. provides tools to permit the virtual server team to divide the pool of storage into smaller units of storage for the individual virtual machines (VMs), assuaging the burden on storage directors to provision every new VM.
  1. Contemplate thin provisioning, wherever acceptable, to assist improve storage utilization rates. Using thin provisioning technology, administrators will present an large chunk of storage to a server, however on the array, the storage is allotted only it’s really used.

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